Magnificent and terrifying spirit set to haunt big screen!

Rabid Dawg Classic Productions and Mental Note Productions announce the development of a psychological thriller that crosses into the horror and mystery genres.

The Vardøger opens in an abandoned hospital with seven residents unable to explain how they got there, and no memories of the moments that preceded their arrivals.   The terrifying Vardøger, a mysterious ghostly entity that roams the empty corridors, is the key to their escape… and survival.

Starring Lana Gautier (Iron Man 3, Flexx) and created by Ron L. Palmer (Flexx) The Vardøger is expected to begin filming in early 2014.  Casting for the remaining principle characters will begin this Fall.

I think this is a film that will really grip people and keep them wondering what’s next.  The Vardøger – the ghost itself — is both terrifying and beautiful, creating a dichotomy that the audience will have to resolve.  That is, if they’re not too busy covering their eyes.”  — Ron L. Palmer

When I first read the script, I couldn’t put it down.  I wanted to know what would happen next.  I had so many thoughts about where the story was headed and how it would end, and I was wrong every time.  I think the audience is really going to like this.”  — Lana Gautier

Palmer and Gautier are co-producing the film.