Project Description


Victoria Gibson

Played by Lana Gautier


Character Biography

She’s Jack’s wife and his surprise companion in this mysterious hospital prison.   Her arrival predates his, but she also has no memory of when – or how – she got there.   Beautiful and clever, she appears to know more about the ghostly Vardøger than she lets on.  Could she be keeping secrets in order to help Jack… or does she have something more sinister in mind?


Actor Biography

Lana GautierBorn in Belarus, Lana Gautier began acting when she was six years old.  Even then, the lure of Hollywood was intoxicating.  She told everyone that she was going to America, and she was going to be a famous actress.

Lana is more than just a pretty face — she is a talented actress with a savvy intellect for business.    After graduating from college with a Major that had nothing to do with acting, Lana boarded a plane with plans to show Hollywood that brains and beauty, combined with tremendous artistic creativity, can be a powerful force.

While pursuing her acting career, Lana figured there was a better way to make money than waiting tables.  Calling upon her educational background, she created and ran her own business.   She also became an advocate for identity theft awareness.  Her website Identity Theft Manifesto has received worldwide attention and was named “cool site of the day” by KRIV-TV (FOX) in Houston, Texas.    She has also formed her own production company, Mental Note Productions.

As an actor, Lana has proven to be quite versatile.   In only her fourth audition after arriving in the United States, she landed the role of Gloriella in the critically acclaimed short Love Thy Neighbor, a film that won a Director’s Guild Award and was later showcased at the Cannes Film Festival.   Recently, she made a return appearance at Cannes  in the film The GoldenState, a finalist in the American Pavilion Emerging Filmmakers Showcase.

Most recently, Lana was cast as Anya Popolovski in a feature film “Red Fish, Blue Fish”.  The film is slated to be released in 2016. She has also been cast as Agent Maria Votski in the upcoming motion picture Flexx and has also had roles in Ironman 3 and Thor: The Dark World.

Lana has received professional acting training from the prestigious Sanford Meisner Center, The Acting Corps and South Coast Repertory.  She is continuing her education at Berg Studios.

Her hobbies include hiking, collecting coins and stamps, drawing and solving Cryptograms.



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